Welcome to the Specimen Resource Locator Web API home page.

This browsable API allows all site visitors to retrieve data in JSON format. You may click the "OPTIONS" button to view the fields and HTTP request types that are supported for each URL in the API.

Users with specific permissions may also create, modify, and delete Resources, Collections, and Resource Attachments by POSTing JSON to this API.

Please refer to the Quick Start Guide for information on getting setup to use the API to enter your data. There is also an example Python script that demonstrates programmatic access to the API.

To start browsing, click one of the links below.

Current page: GET /api/View Plain JSON
Content-Type: application/json
Vary: Accept

    "resources": "https://specimens.cancer.gov/api/resource/",
    "collections": "https://specimens.cancer.gov/api/collection/",
    "resource attachments": "https://specimens.cancer.gov/api/resource-attachment/"