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Current page: GET /api/collection/292/View Plain JSON
Content-Type: application/json
Vary: Accept

    "id": "",
    "name": "University of Iowa Biobank",
    "resource": "",
    "user": "galbraithj",
    "date_created": null,
    "date_modified": "2014-07-02T12:37:23.794110",
    "organ_site": [
        "Adrenal Glands",
        "Anal Canal & Anus",
        "Cervix Uteri",
        "Connective Tissue",
        "Corpus Uteri",
        "Fallopian Tube",
        "Intrahepatic Bile Ducts",
        "Labia (Gyn)",
        "Lacrimal Gland",
        "Large Intestine",
        "Lymph Nodes",
        "Male Genital, NOS",
        "Meninges (Cerebral, Spinal)",
        "Middle & Inner Ear",
        "Nasal Cavity",
        "Other Digestive Organs",
        "Other Endocrine Glands",
        "Other Female Genital",
        "Other Nervous System",
        "Other Urinary Organs",
        "Pancreas Endocrine",
        "Pancreas Exocrine",
        "Parathyroid Gland",
        "Penis & Scrotum",
        "Prostate Gland",
        "Renal Pelvis",
        "Salivary Gland",
        "Small Intestine",
        "Soft Tissue",
        "Thyroid Gland",
        "Urinary Bladder",
        "Uterus, NOS",
        "Vulva, NOS"
    "tumor_type": [
        "Acinar Cell Carcinoma",
        "Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma",
        "Benign Tumor",
        "Central Nervous System Tumors",
        "Clear Cell Carcinoma",
        "Ductal Invasive Carcinoma",
        "Ductal in Situ Carcinoma",
        "Embryonal Carcinoma",
        "Ewing sarcoma",
        "Follicular Carcinoma",
        "Germ Cell Tumor",
        "Granulosa Cell Tumor",
        "Hepatocellular Carcinoma",
        "In Situ Carcinoma",
        "Intraepithelial Neoplasm",
        "Lobular Carcinoma",
        "Malignant Tumor",
        "Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor",
        "Medullary Carcinoma",
        "Mesenchymal Tumor",
        "Mixed Malignant Tumor",
        "Mucinous carcinoma",
        "Neuroendocrine Carcinoma",
        "Non-small Cell Carcinoma",
        "Other (Benign Tumor)",
        "Other (Carcinoma)",
        "Other (Germ Cell Tumor)",
        "Other (Malignant Tumor)",
        "Papillary Carcinoma",
        "Pleomorphic Adenoma",
        "Pre-invasive Neoplasm",
        "Serous carcinoma",
        "Signet Ring Cell Carcinoma",
        "Small Cell Carcinoma",
        "Small Round Cell Tumor",
        "Squamous Cell Carcinoma",
        "Transitional Cell Carcinoma",
        "Undifferentiated Carcinoma",
    "specimen_type": [
        "Surgical Resection"
    "secondary_specimen_types": [],
    "preservation_type": [
    "available_data": [
        "Pathology Report",
        "Family History",
        "Treatment Information",
        "Demographic Information"
    "number_of_specimens": 900,
    "collection_types": [
    "eligibility": [
    "is_collaboration_required": true,
    "clinical_trial_url": ""